Stay tuned and check back often to see our rotating offers!

January – New Years
10% off Wellness Exam
$5 off Nail Trim

February – Dental Health Month
$50 off scheduled cleaning
10% off Dental Products

March – Heart Worm Month
$10 off Heartworm blood test
$5 off year supply of heart worm preventative plus $12 manufacturer rebate

April – Allergy Month
10% off Hypo Allergenic Diet
10% off Hypo-Allergenic Shampoos

May – Weight Management Month
10% off Weight Management foods
10% off leashes
Contest Biggest Looser – Reward for meeting your goal

June – Dermatology Month
10% off Shave and Bathe (Feline)
$5 off Nail Trim & Anal Glan Expression

July – Anxiety & Microchip Month
$10 off Microchip
10 % off Feliway and Adaptil with Exam

August – Dental Health Month
$50 off scheduled Dental Cleaning for Canines
$36 off scheduled Dental Cleaning for Felines
10% off Dental Diet Food

September – Senior Wellness
10% off Joint Supplements
10% Screening Blood work

October – National Pet Wellness Month
10% off wellness exam

November – Animal Food Drive
50% off nail trim – donate a can of Canine or Feline food to donate to local Animal Shleter and recive
10% off services for Active Military

10% off Puppy and Kitten wellness exam
10% off Treats